The History of Bub's BBQ

Bub's Bar-B-Q was started on July 4th, 1979 by Howard "Bub" Tiley. Bub's was purchased in 2000 by his son Deac and his wife Elaine. They have the family tradition started by Bub of GREAT food, Great prices and a family friendly atmosphere that serves the greatest Bar-B-Que around. In July of 2011 they sold Bub's to their manager Andrea Moroney who joined them in 2012.  

When I first started working at Bub's, it changed how I thought of a job.  I love coming to work, hiring the best staff and watching people enjoy the entire experience of Bub's.  I truly believe that Bub had the perfect equation in a restaurant.  Please come in an enjoy our free jukebox, lots of food and plenty of paper towels.

Bub's BBQ Market Basket write-up